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Wilcom Monogram Motifs

For Wilcom users, these are ESA motif files.  Unlike regular stitch files, these will preserve object properties to enable scalability and to tweak stitch types and density settings.  Allowing for a far greater application range compared to regular stitch files.

These files are optimized to be used as monogramming motifs and not optimized to be used as motif fills or runs.  Please keep that in mind.  They can, however, be used for the Carving Stamp functionality as well.

Unlike other files, these will need to be placed in a specific location for your Wilcom software to be able to read them.  You want to place these files in your "userletw" sub-folder withing your Wilcom application folder.

ESA files only remember line information, while the design does know that there are multiple colors (if applicable), colors that show up on screen will be determined by the active color palette, so changes to colors may need to be done.

Please be aware that these are only usable for Wilcom users, buyer is responsible to make sure that they have the appropriate software as all sales are final due to the digital nature of these files.

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